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Since 1987, The LOUBEN INVESTMENT LIMITED ( 魯本投資有限公司) has specialized in helping individuals, families, business owners and nonprofits reach their financial goals. Our highly personalized approach allows us to intimately understand what success means to you and to build a lifelong relationship that fosters success. Part of what makes us different is being an independent firm, our objective advice, credentialed experience and planning specifically for your individual needs.

As an independent firm, we have the flexibility to develop custom solutions for your unique needs.

The LOUBEN INVESTMENT LIMITED ( 魯本投資有限公司) was founded with a single purpose: Build a privately owned financial services firm with the flexibility and objectivity to provide wealth, stability and growth.

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We invest 100% of our own capital so we never have to worry about holding periods or financial constraints.

Relieve Financial Burdens

By investing our own cash flow, we overcome any financial obstacles and challenges like access to your funds when you need them most.

We Think Long-Term

Our strategies are always based on the best interest of the company without any time restrictions.

Long-Term Value

At LOUBEN INVESTMENT LIMITED ( 魯本投資有限公司), we’re focused on building value without pre-mature exits. We never want to rush out of any investment without reaching its full potential.

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We see ourselves as stewards of each portfolio company's legacy. We work together to unlock opportunities that accelerate growth.

Board of Directors


Paul A Brindley

Director of Finance & Risk Management Analyst


Benjamin M Friedman

Debt Financing/Loan Facilitator


Rosemary Louise Grigsby

Co Executive Director


Herbert Allen

Director Of Business Development


Lynne Adams

Chief Financial Officer


Francisc Avram

Director Legal Department


Scott M. Abbott

Financial Advisor


Brett Riley

Director of New Business & Investors Enquries

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