Healthcare Services

Healthcare continues to represent one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of the U.S. economy with dynamic changes in cost, coverage, and outcomes impacting every segment of the population. Patients, leveraging their power as consumers, seek greater control and visibility around their health and are demanding more from payors and providers while they, in turn, seek to provide high-quality care in the most cost-effective setting. Our Healthcare Services team is dedicated to helping our clients understand how these complexities impact the dynamics of their unique situation.

Healthcare Technology

The practice of healthcare is changing with physicians and patients alike demanding better care and delivery. As the healthcare ecosystem evolves to bridge gaps in quality, cost, and outcomes, the need to monitor and analyze patient and population information will drive the adoption of interconnected technologies like electronic medical records (EMR), telehealth services, and mobile applications connecting consumer devices. Our Healthcare Technology team understands the evolution of this market and leverages our healthcare and technology expertise to guide clients and investors through the process.

Payer Services

Healthcare payers are increasingly outsourcing services to reduce costs, standardize service quality, and better manage regulatory requirements, driving the increase in acquisition demand from larger Payer Services firms. Payer Services firms are aggressively pursuing acquisition opportunities to expand geographic reach and transition from specialists to “one-stop shops.” With numerous successful transactions in the Payer Services market, our Payer Services team is the leading investment bank for Payer Services firms.

Tech-Enabled Solutions

Tech-enabled solutions businesses that find a durable product-market fit in large market segments drive significant value from fundamentally attractive business characteristics. High operating leverage, revenue recurrence, and scalable infrastructure create excellent platforms for supporting outsourced services in almost every segment of the economy. With an abundance of capital providers in market, our tech-enabled solutions team works at length to ensure we connect our clients with the right networks to provide excellent partnerships that maximize long-term value.

Bailey Southwell’s ability to maximize the value of a workers’ comp / managed care firm given industry trends was essential to identifying the best way to provide an attractive exit opportunity for our shareholders and placing the Med-Eval brand in an excellent position for future growth. I would highly recommend that owners of industry firms begin a dialog with the professionals at Bailey Southwell.

Mike Valasek
President and CEO, Med-Eval, Inc.

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