Independent advice focused on custom solutions assures the results align with your goals.

Many people avoid making financial decisions because they feel overwhelmed or life simply gets in the way. We guide them to make better decisions with their money through the various stages of life so they can live confidently. We believe that each client is unique. Our mission is to help you accomplish your financial goals through independent, thoughtful advice and solutions. Being highly personalized allows us to intimately understand what success means to you and to build a lifelong relationship that fosters success.

Financial Planning

Individual retirement and financial planning make up a significant portion of most people’s assets. Yet, they can be challenging and complicated. We help you maximize the values of all your investments, savings and retirement accounts, so you can live your retirement life the way you most desire.

After identifying and prioritizing your goals, our experts will work with you and your legal advisors to develop an overall custom comprehensive financial or estate plan that addresses your specific needs. We will coordinate with you and your advisor to ensure that any complex or unexpected issues are addressed. We give you back the time to pursue your own passions.

If you already have an estate plan in place, our team of experts can review it to help you identify and implement new financial strategies. We’ll look at your plan’s details as well as your larger financial picture to guarantee that you achieve your goals to transfer wealth to the next generation.

Endowments & Foundations

The LOUBEN INVESTMENT COMPANY LLC itself has a culture of giving. We share your desire for your organization’s mission to serve our community and enrich its legacy. That’s why we’re committed to provide you with guidance to help you fulfill your vision. We’ll help you promote the success of your organization through sound investment and administrative practices.

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